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Women's hoops: What to watch for tonight



We understand that women's basketball scoreboard-watching is not going to be a widespread phenomenon, even among the loyal readers of this blog. Just the same, we want to lay out what's on the line tonight as the Big East wraps up its regular season and USF battles for the last spots in the league tournament.

First and foremost, two things must happen tonight for USF to get in: Villanova has to lose at Louisville (the game started at 7), and then USF must win at Marquette (tipoff at 9). Those two things happen, and USF is going to Hartford this weekend, and potentially getting a first-round matchup against the Pittsburgh team the Bulls just beat on Saturday night.

And for you really interested parties: USF could actually land the No. 11 seed in the tournament. To do so, Georgetown has to lose at Pitt, and then Pittsburgh has to finish above Syracuse in the league standings. Why, you ask? If USF, Villanova and Georgetown all finish at 5-11, they'll have identical 1-1 records within the trio, so the next tiebreaker goes to the team that beat a team ranked highest in the league standings.

Villanova's out of luck on this one, but between USF and Georgetown, there's a tiebreak within a tiebreak! USF's best win is against Pitt (9-6), Georgetown's best is against Syracuse (9-6). Syracuse is likely to lose against West Virginia tonight, so if Pitt wins, then USF could be the No. 11 seed. If the Orange and Panthers finish with the same league record, then Pittsburgh beat Syracuse head-to-head, so USF would get the nod as the No. 11 seed.

All this is very, very piddly compared to two things that must happen: USF wins, Villanova loses. Stay tuned ... (and yes, for the rest of you, I promise to blog from the first spring practice Tuesday) ...

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