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Yes, that's USF: The Annotated 'Gruden's QB Camp'



It's that time of year again, as USF football gets a national cameo on ESPN's networks as the Bulls' practice facility -- and key offensive players -- get to appear in the workout segments of "Gruden's QB Camp," which has former Bucs coach Jon Gruden spending a half-hour with the top quarterbacks in this week's NFL Draft.


The shows are all over ESPN's family of networks this week with the draft starting Thursday night, and it's worth sticking around for the final 2-3 minutes, when Gruden and his QB stop by USF to see how they can make specific throws in a practice situation. The show now carries a "SPECIAL THANKS: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA" in the end credits.

Tight ends Evan Landi and Mike McFarland are practically regulars, but you'll see Andre Davis, Victor Marc, Terrence Mitchell and many others if you look closely. Here's a great highlight clip from all the shows with a ton of USF shots, but here too is our annotated guide to nearly all the 10 episodes. ...

Kirk Cousins, Michigan State: Highlight here is receivers taking lobs in the corner of the end zone -- Evan Landi gets a "my friend" from Gruden and takes out a cameraman making his catch. They break the final huddle with a "1-2-3 Bulls!"

Kellen Moore, Boise State: Moore smartly breaks the huddle with "1-2-3 Big East!" and you get to see USF receivers working on their touchdown celebrations without fear of penalties. Victor Marc gets some airtime, Ruben Gonzalez is in for a split-second, and after tight end Andreas Shields drops a pass, Gruden says he's going to "trade you to the Connecticut Huskies."

Russell Wilson, Wisconsin: Yes, that's B.J. Daniels walking by in the background wearing a basketball jersey. USF's careful about keeping quiet when the top-tier guests are on campus, but you can tell the football players like being a part of the filming.

Andrew Luck, Stanford: Fun to see Luck working out with USF targets -- Gruden lines up as a defensive back in goal-line work and gets beat by Landi, then calls another catch out of bounds.

Robert Griffin III, Baylor: You can tell Gruden likes the 6-5 McFarland, in that he keeps calling him "Big Mike" as he does after nice catch here.

Nick Foles, Arizona: More love for McFarland -- Gruden sets up a goal-line slant by saying that the defense is "worried about Big Mike running to the pylon." Gruden likes calling the USF kids by name, so you get "that's the way, Evan" and "Good job, Terrence."

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State: Again, you hear Gruden calling the Bulls by name, with Marc and Shields.

Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M: The former receiver actually shows USF's receivers how to run a double-move route -- you can see that part around the 4:00 mark on this video clip. This episode is on ESPNU today at 5, with a bunch of others on there tonight. ...You can see current video clips and some from last year -- like Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor -- on's search page for the show.

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