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Full disclosure: My latest AP ballot



Us ballot folks caught a break this weekend, perhaps the most uneventful of the season so far.

Five of my top 10 squads were idle, and underdogs were mainly held in check. Aside from the lateral damage Miami inflicted on Duke, there were barely any upsets, which means barely any ballot upheaval.

But chaos is certain to supplant the calm in short order. November ought to be a doozy.

As for the final weekend in October, I bid farewell to Pitt and Duke, and welcome Texas A&M and USC back into my top 25. I would've liked to have elevated Florida and Notre Dame a tad following impressive neutral-site victories (Did you hear the roar in Philly when the Irish scored?), but just whom do you leapfrog? I hate demoting teams for being idle, and avoided doing so this week.

1. TCU
2. Ohio State
3. Baylor
4. Clemson
5. Michigan State
6. LSU
7. Alabama
8. Stanford
9. Oklahoma State
10. Oklahoma
11. Florida
12. Notre Dame
13. Iowa
14. Utah
15. Memphis
16. Michigan
17. FSU
18. Houston
19. Ole Miss
20. UCLA
21. USC
22. Texas A&M
23. Mississippi State
24. Temple
25. Toledo

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