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Full disclosure: My latest AP ballot



Full confession along with my full disclosure: In the season's first two months, I never felt completely at ease with the team atop my ballot.

The misgivings began with Ohio State, continued with Michigan State and stretched to TCU. Conviction became a casualty as each of those teams struggled to remain undefeated against modest competition. Meantime, the inner voice offered perfunctory reassurance: Relax, it all will sort itself out.

Sort-'em-out Saturday couldn't arrive soon enough. Today, I feel better about my No. 1 -- heck, my whole top five -- than I have all year. In this season of preposterous laterals and punts gone awry, who's to say how next week's ballot will look? But today, I feel pretty secure.

1. Clemson
2. Ohio State
3. Baylor
4. Alabama
5. Oklahoma State
6. Stanford
7. Notre Dame
8. LSU
9. Florida
10. Iowa
11. Oklahoma
12. TCU
13. Utah
14. Michigan State
15. Houston
16. Michigan
17. UCLA
18. USC
19. FSU
20. Navy
21. North Carolina
22. Memphis
23. Mississippi State
24. Temple
25. Northwestern

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