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Full disclosure: My latest AP ballot



Gonna cut you off at the pass, Bulls fans. No, you won't find USF on my ballot this week.

Sure, I considered the Bulls, albeit briefly. While they're undeniably the hottest team in the American Athletic Conference today, they're still not among the nation's top 25 when considering their collective body of work.

For all its recent dominance, USF still has four losses, and you'll find no four-loss team -- Power Five or otherwise -- on my ballot. The loss to Maryland is impossible to ignore, and the defeat against Memphis is gradually getting more unsightly as the Tigers keep regressing.

Even so, I can lend the Bulls some latitude over the Memphis loss, but not Maryland. Had the Bulls beaten the Terps, they'd probably be on my ballot today.

Not that I expect this explanation to appease many of you.

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Michigan State
5. Baylor
6. Iowa
7. Ohio State
8. Notre Dame
9. Oklahoma State
10. Florida
11. Stanford
12. Michigan
13. North Carolina
14. FSU
15. TCU
16. Washington State
17. Oregon
18. UCLA
19. Navy
20. Houston
21. Northwestern
22. Ole Miss
23. Temple
24. Mississippi State
25. Pittsburgh

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