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Q&A: Asiantii Woulard

On Saturday, Bulls transfer quarterback Asiantii Woulard spoke to local reporters for the first time since his arrival from UCLA last summer.


On Saturday, Bulls transfer quarterback Asiantii Woulard spoke to local reporters for the first time since his arrival from UCLA last summer.



Heralded transfer QB Asiantii Woulard, who spent the 2015 season on the Bulls' scout team, spoke to local media Saturday for the first time since arriving from UCLA last summer. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

Was USF your first and only choice after UCLA didn't work out, or were there other options? (Woulard was a USF commitment before Skip Holtz's dismissal following the '12 season.)
"There were a few options; I spoke with a few coaches. I'd rather not mention 'em, but USF was the obvious choice for me, being that I was already comfortable with the staff, familiar with them coming out of (Winter Park) high school, close to home, so it was just the ideal situation. I got to be back around family."

How much of a chance did you get to interact with Coach (Willie) Taggart when he first got the job?
"We interacted a pretty good amount. I mean, he wasn't here for long obviously, but we interacted a whole lot. I was over here speaking with him, just kind of building a little we got to know each other pretty well throughout the process."

How would you describe your time at UCLA?
"It was great. I wouldn't trade it for anything. That's a great place. It didn't work out for me, but it's a great place to be. But being back home, you can't beat it. Being around family, people you're familiar with, being able to joke with your teammates about high school. Just the little things like that, you learn to appreciate when you're far away."

Why didn't it work out at UCLA?
"It's not so much that it didn't work, but I just hated being so far away from family. It was a great situation, but at the end of the day, family's what's important. And school, obviously, but I'm still in school so it's not like I left school. But I just wanted to be closer to family and have my mom come see me play, my grandma and brother and what not."

You must be itching to be out on the field (Woulard never played in a game in two seasons at UCLA). What's this experience like for you?
"It's great. Obviously you always want to play, but I mean, I'm a patient guy. I just humble myself and realize it's not my time and just keep working. I believe good things come to those who wait, and just take your time. You can't rush anything, so I think when it's time it's time, and it'll come when it's my time."

Have you been told you're getting the chance to compete for the starting job come the fall?
"I mean, we just come out and compete every day. Quinton (Flowers) is our starter, so obviously we're here to push him and everyone's competing for a spot. Us three are just out there raising the level of competition and just making each other better. We don't really speak too much about who's gonna start...we just come out and just compete at the highest level we can."

What was it like for you last year when USF had so much success and you couldn't be part of that?
"It was great because I felt like I was still a big part of it. You can't do much if your defense doesn't see a look, so if we don't have our (scout team) offense to run 'em and kind of simulate the other offense, we can't really do what we want to do and make as many plays. So I felt like I contributed."

Do you feel like this offense fits your skill set?
"Oh yeah, definitely. I like it a lot. Just fast, quick, simple, get the ball out and just get rolling."

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