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Spelling lesson: Justin Brockhaus Kann, or close



It started on Sunday afternoon as a simple picture on Twitter -- which we retweeted -- and a day later, former USF punter Justin Brockhaus Kann had reached a level of online celebrity, thanks to his name being butchered on a plaque honoring him as the Bulls' Special Teams Player of the Year as he was recognized during halftime of Sunday's USF-Louisville game.

The plaque identified him as "Justin Brouckhaus Kahn" and added the typo "offensice" for added effect, and his girlfriend, USF cheerleader Amy Phillips tweeted "LOL @Jbrock18 plays 5 years, gets ST award & @USFAthletics @USFfootball can't even spell name right @USFinsiderbillm." It took off from there.

Our retweet spawned a haiku treatment from the folks at USF blog Voodoo Five. Then Monday, national blogs picked up the item -- CBS, Yahoo and Deadspin all checked in.

First of all, an update: Brockhaus Kann said two people from USF's athletic department reached out to apologize for the mistake, which is good to hear. He's one of four Bulls (with Demetris Murray, Victor Marc and George Baker) scheduled to play in a showcase game called the Probound Sportswear Florida Bowl, which is scheduled for March 23 in Daytona Beach. And he has graduated with a degree in political science, but said he wants to try to earn a spot on a NASCAR pit crew after he gives football a shot. (Phillips, you may recall, achieved Twitter celebrity status in 2011 when fans thought she was giving USF players the "L is for loser" sign as they left the field; she told us she did not.)

His name is listed with a hyphen on USF's roster, but he doesn't have one in his name (it really doesn't bother him). We've spelled it with the hyphen since before he even got to USF, going back to his commitment story. If you've followed our in-game live blogs for the past few years, we often call him JBK, just for brevity's sake. Funny thing is, poor Brockhaus Kann has had his name butchered all sorts of ways in his five years of college football. Here's what we've been able to collect:

Justin Brockhaus-Kahn: So close, but that's what Cincinnati site Bearcats Blog called him in its 2010 season preview. It's also what called him in 2010 -- the site even has a page set up for stories that reference him with the name spelled that way. And the Hartford Courant that same year.

Justin Brockhouse-Kann: This is how Notre Dame site spelled it before last year's USF game in an otherwise thorough preview. Given that we've now referenced Notre Dame and Deadspin, we'll go on record as saying that both Brockhaus Kann and his girlfriend exist.

Justin Brockhous-Kann: That's from Louisville Sports Report in its 2010 preview.

Justin Brockhause-Kann: checks in from a 2010 photo gallery.

Justin Brockhaus-Khann: Even Yahoo, which poked fun at USF on Monday, has gotten it wrong before, in this video tease.

Justin Bronkhaus-Kann: Yes, Voodoo Five also added an "n" in this feature on him before last season.

Justin Brockhaus Kohn: Another variation, from the website for 1010 Sports in Tampa.

Jason Brockhaus-Kann:'s national preview for USF in 2011 gets the last name right, but trips over the first name.

Justin Kann-Brockhaus: Syracuse's student paper, the Daily Orange, called him this after a punt was blocked last season.

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