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Taggart's take: Bulls coach talks up his newcomers

USF coach Willie Taggart said he thinks new offensive lineman Logan MacDonald is "gonna be special for us."

Photo provided by Logan MacDonald

USF coach Willie Taggart said he thinks new offensive lineman Logan MacDonald is "gonna be special for us."



While Willie Taggart didn't elaborate on all 18 of his newest Bulls at Wednesday's signing day news conference, he came pretty close.

Here's what he had to say specifically on most of his newcomers:

S Josh Dunn (6-0, 195)
"A heck of a talent. He's one of those kids that he's smart and he's so nice, you wouldn't think he's that physical on the football field. But when you turn it on he's out there shortening guys' necks."

OT Christion Gainer (6-6, 310)
"He's a tackle, that's for sure. He's a big one and we expect big things from him."

DE LaDarrius Jackson (6-4, 243)
"Great kid. I mean, he's always around, always smiling. You can tell he's one of those kids who really appreciates being here, and he's willing to work. ... I talk with Coach O (strength coach Irele Oderinde) and talk to some of his teammates, and they all rave about him. I think that speaks volumes when a guy can just come in your program and the whole football team likes him already."

DE Frank Johnson (6-5, 235)
"Both of 'em (Jackson and Johnson) are really good football players. Frank Johnson, he's gonna have to sleep and spend the night in the weight room with Coach O, but both of 'em are very talented."

OL Logan MacDonald (6-4, 270)
"He's a tackle who's not as big as those other guys, but you talk about talented and physical, I think that kid's gonna be special for us, to be honest with you. He plays the game like you're supposed to. He's physical and he gets after it and he just loves doing it."

QB Chris Oladokun (6-2, 184)
"I think we always want to have at least four guys on scholarship at the quarterback position. ... You look at college football nowadays, you can't have enough of 'em. We wanted to sign a good quarterback that can come in here and compete and be able to continue the momentum that we've started, but also challenge the guys that we have here as well, to continue to get better."

LB Andre Polk (6-4, 215)
"I think the whole Bulls nation is gonna hear about him early. He's a kid that I think is under the radar. We kept him a secret for a while, but now I think everybody's gonna hear about him." (comment came during an interview with 620-AM)

WR Darnell Salomon (6-3, 210)
"He's big, he's strong and he's fast. When you have all those combinations, it can be scary out there at the receiver position. That's what we expect from him, some scary play out there on the football field."

S Craig Watts (6-0, 190)
"He's one of those kids from Day 1, you just sensed that he really wanted to be here. He was on campus a lot. When you saw him on campus, he was always smiling, he was always excited about being there, and we stayed with him the whole time. He committed elsewhere and we got him back and that was good to see. Now we have him for sure."

C Michael Wiggs (6-3, 290)
"There's never a dull moment around when Mike's around. He's a great kid, great academically, one heck of a football player. You look at him and you meet him and you're like, 'Man, he's so nice. He's too nice.' You wouldn't think that this kid plays the way he does. But when you turn on the film it's like, 'This don't match up a little bit. You meet him and he's nice, and then on the field he's trying to hurt you.' ... He's a leader. He's gonna be a great leader for us, I think."

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