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13 trends to love or leave in 2013



The end of the year is a time for personal reflection, growth and change. And to that end, we have a couple options.

We could look back, counting the triumphs, devastations and ultimate shortcomings of a mankind constantly striving for unattainable happiness, then grab another chocolate frosted brownie from the sweets table of the company holiday buffet and eat our feelings. OR, we could look back on the year in fashion and not think about any of that other stuff.

Let's do the second one! Herewith, the 13 most worn (and worn out) trends that were either born or got really popular in 2013. We've packaged it with a patented Deal Diva rating of "LOVE IT" or "LEAVE IT," helping you pick and choose the trends to transition into the new year. Tell us, do you agree? Are you ready to abandon the looks of 2013, or do you want to try and work it out? How is your existential crisis going?


Leather, pleather, fleather, vegan leather (vleather?) were unavoidable this year. We encountered this firsthand when we styled our Macy's Fall Essentials show at WestShore Plaza, incorporating the gleam of leather into most of the looks. From leather leggings to leather jackets to more understated business pieces with subtle leather trims, it was like Daytona Bike Week all day, every day. But it turns out leather can be sophisticated, sexy and timeless. And nothing boosts confidence on the way out the door like a leather jacket that fits you just right. Verdict: LOVE IT


Something happened halfway through the year. All of a sudden, entering the mall was like being transported to a woodland fantasy full of manic pixie dream animals. All the sweaters had tiny animal faces across the chest. Foxes wearing hipster glasses. Bears on sweaters wearing sweaters. West Highland White Terriers dancing a softshoe. A family of meerkats wearing bowties. They were whimsical to be sure -- Keeley wore one featuring a Boston Terrier, and even Taylor Swift was seen bouncing around in company of Harry Styles with a fox on her person. But come spring, these are going to look dated as a doormouse wearing a skort. Verdict: LEAVE IT.


If leather is the sister who sneaks out at night to neck (do people still say that?), lace is the good child, the sweet one who takes piano lessons and has minimal behavioral problems outlined in the DSM-5. We loved the preponderance of lace this year, from full-on lace dresses in bold jewel tones to lace pencil skirts to lace tops that paired well with tougher fabrics like denim, tweed, and yes, even that saucy little sister, leather. Verdict: LOVE IT.


Spoiler alert on the verdict -- I stopped wearing my bubble necklace over the summer. I picked it up for $12 at Charlotte Russe early in the year, thinking it was cool and funky and creative and I wouldn't really see myself coming. And then I saw myself coming, everywhere, every day. People got on the Bubble Necklace Express HARD in 2013, and while it was a fun ride for a little while, it's time to catch a new train. We were getting sick of them back in May. Verdict: LEAVE IT.


Kameel loves colored denim so much it made her Deal Divas' Favorite Things list, and who are we to argue? While not a brand new revelation, colored denim went next-level popular in 2013. It has all the comfort of your favorite pair of standard jeans, but brings an extra bag of Tostitos to the party, know what we're saying? The lady rocking purple on her entire lower half is not going to be shy around the dip table. In fact, she might even dance on the dip table, but she'll be comfortable doing it. This look stays until the end of our days. Verdict: LOVE IT.


I got to wear a pair of gorgeous patent leather Michael Kors platform sneakers during the Macy's show, and then I had to give them back. It was a sad moment for me, so sad that for a split second I hallucinated spending $200 on them (until I laughed myself out of town). I'm glad my common sense won. They felt totally fly, and they were comfortable as a running shoe. But, real talk -- platform sneakers, dreamed up on the runway by Isabel Marant and copied to their death this year, are a flash-in-the-pan look, destined to die in the back of a closet next to a bubble necklace. Verdict: LEAVE IT.


A quick spin through Pinterest reveals the nation's total obsession with nail art in 2013. There were polka dots. There were stripes. Tape was used, and possibly abused, even by our own Deal Divas. And we say, rad. Nail art is way to be creative, an affordable expression of personal style, a delightful way to pass the time while your DiGiorno is in the oven and you're waiting for Scandal to start. And the best part is, when you inevitably screw it up, it's easy to wipe away the damage and start over. Keep on trying those glitter chevrons, guys. You have our support. Verdict: LOVE IT.


You know the look. Poofy skirt. Denim jacket. Statement necklace. And always, always, always shirt buttons done ALL THE WAY UP TO THE NECK. I have tried this look, attempting to be fashiony and avant garde, and it was fun for a minute before it wasn't fun anymore. A basic, optical rule of dressing always prevails, and that is to say it will always be more flattering to undo a button or two around the neck, creating a V and drawing the eye down. And since we've made it out of colonial times largely in one piece, let's stop putting ourselves in proverbial town square stocks and loosen up. Verdict: LEAVE IT.


Every year, Pantone releases a signature "color of the year," said to influence design and style and choices of color across the fashion planet. For 2014, Pantone has picked "Radiant Orchid," which, if I'm being honest, reminds me a little bit of a tea nook frequented by someone's great aunt. We at Deal Divas preferred 2013's pick, Emerald. I can't think of a single human being who isn't flattered by emerald, can you? Maybe the Wicked Witch of the West (too monochrome)? It's a skin tone winner, a real face slimmer, a very... chicken... dinner? Oh, whatever. Emerald forever. Verdict: LOVE IT.


Remember this summer when we were terrified by a former under-the-bed monster that we hadn't seen since our 8th grade graduation? That's right, overalls. Somehow they slithered their baggy butts back into stores and into the hearts of men. To be honest, I don't think this trend ever took roots the way some evil sartorial bib-faced mastermind wanted it to, and for that, we are grateful. Overalls can stay in our time capusule from 1997, and we'll pull them out one day and laugh and laugh and laugh. Verdict: LEAVE IT.


Our innate desire to sparkle has to be rooted somewhere deep in our DNA. I'm guessing it relates to all the shiny things in nature, the stars, the minerals, the way the light glints off the majestic mountains of America. This is getting deep. We love metallics. I've been eyeing this metallic skater dress from Nordstrom's Topshop line for months now, waiting for it to go on sale. Take those metallics right into the new year, and raise your glass of champagne and notice the way the light particles reflect off the FINE I'll stop. Verdict: LOVE IT.


Listen. We are very torn here. Harem pants, with their big, blousy butt, skinny ankles and elastic high waist, just may be the best way to get away with legit wearing your pajamas to work. They're comfortable, y'all, really comfortable. And if you're, let's just say for example, Gisele Bündchen, harem pants are going to hypothetically work out just fine for you as you run around breast feeding your perfect baby while someone curls your perfect hair. For the rest of the stumpy population, it's not a great technical play to dress your lower half like an ice cream cone. And so it is with an ever-so-slight advantage toward logic and principle that we say, harem pants, Verdict: LEAVE IT. Except maybe for movie night. And maybe Fridays.



Oxblood was a color dujour last year, and in 2013, it made its way onto our faces. Despite how mad gross that sounds, we're talking about dark lips. Burgundy, almost black shades of lippy graced runways and magazine spreads alike this fall, and while this is a bold look for sure, it's not out of the range of normal sanity for your everyday life. Dark lips look striking and contrasty with fair skin, and rich and luxurious with dark skin. It really works on everyone. My latest obsession is M.A.C.'s Sin, $15, a deep matte shade. Give it a shot in 2014 while the weather is overcast and dramatic, just like you. Verdict: LOVE IT.

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