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A fall makeup collection for the perfect plot from MAC



Have you ever looked at the cover of one of those cheap drugstore romance novels and thought, man, I wish I could run away and find a dashing, gruff, but secretly kind-hearted pirate king all while wearing a great old timey red velvet dress and the perfect smokey eye?

Well MAC's new fall 2014 makeup collection will presumably be able to help you with at least one of those things. They're coming out with this new collection all based on romance novels, like the really great old ones with Fabio on the cover. It'll have lipsticks and eye shadows and the whole nine yards in lots of really pretty shades. There's even an eyeliner called Evil Twin, which I think is great. It's like, let's not let a trope go unreferenced, you know?

Plus they got these beautiful modely people to pose like the people on the cover of those books. It's kind of amazing. Refinery 29 has a slide show of all of them. It's worth clicking through.

In other news, this is kind of old, but I feel like it's worth bringing up that Christian Louboutin has nailpolish now and it's $50. Which, as someone who agonizes over every $8 purchase of Essie, is just hilarious. But I guess if I was a fancy person with fancy person money, I'd buy $50 nail polish too.

What really cracks me up about it is that it looks like the tiniest bottle in the universe, and it's got that super long top. I get that it's supposed to mimic the look of that iconic Louboutin heel with the red bottom, but still. It looks like nail polish a really fashionable witch would use. Which I guess is kind of cool in a weird way, but I don't think that's the image they were trying to evoke. Actually it'd probably go great with that Evil Twin eyeliner MAC is putting out.

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