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How to layer an academic look at work, comfortably

Displaying image1.JPGGreetings from the Tampa Bay Times' Washington Bureau!

Up here it is an unseasonable 55 degrees and raining, and so I find myself scraping together warm outfits from the few fall and winter items I haven't yet shoved under my bed. It just so happens that I had a fashion breakthrough as a result. This might not be useful to you Floridians until your so-called winter, but I thought I would share my tip with you anyway.

Every few weeks or so I try to layer a sweater over a collared shirt, but I always end up feeling so uncomfortable. The fabric gets all twisted and misaligned, especially in the sleeves. The sweater is always tighter than the button down, so the buttons and pockets all show through. And the layers eventually make me way too warm, but I don't want to take the sweater off and reveal an ill-fitting, super wrinkly shirt. Le sigh.

But I have discovered a solution to my woes: sleeveless button-downs.

I paired an oversized sweater that I just bought super cheap in an end-of-season sale with an in-season sleeveless cotton button down, both from Gap. The lack of sleeves eliminates SO MUCH of the twisty uncomfortableness and makes it a breathable option. The oversized sweater helps with that, too.

I also wore a new (well, new to me) thrifted green tweed blazer to feel extra professorial. Yet another find I thought would have to sit in a box for another season or two.

Eureka! If the weather keeps up, I might wear this combo again tomorrow and the next day and the next day, until I can finally wear my summer dresses.

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 9:52am]


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