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A new one for your next spa visit: The V-Steam

Could you get down with the V-Steam, a spa treatment touted as the latest in female beauty and health?

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Could you get down with the V-Steam, a spa treatment touted as the latest in female beauty and health?



Divas. I had hoped, for your sake, that we wouldn't end up here again.

Yet, here I am scratching my head at the latest weird news to be churned out by the interwebs. And what kind of diva would I be if I didn't share it with you?

This week's culprit? The euphemistically-named "V-Steam." AKA a facial for your ...ahem...lady parts.

It's the latest "it" trend in spa treatment and holistic health.

Touted as a means of cleansing, toning and nourishing the inner and outer genitalia, as well as treating a variety of gynecological issues or even digestive disorders, the procedure gained renewed (hehe) steam after it was recently featured on a reality show starring longtime actress twins Tia and Tamera Mowry.

But reports show the V-Steam's roots date back to the centuries-old Korean custom of using boiling water to detoxify the reproductive system.

In the modern version, a lady plops down $20 to $75 then plops bare-bottomed on an open-seated chair while a humidifier unleashes 30 to 45 minutes of warm, herb-infused steam (think rosemary, basil, etc.) on her nether regions.

Enthusiasts swear the stress-relieving treatment and its pH balancing properties have shown them the way to increased fertility (through upped blood circulation), heightened infection resistance, calmed menstrual cramps and fewer yeast infections.

The practice is reportedly routine in places like South America and Sudan, where betrothed women use it to smooth and tighten their skin on the eve of their weddings. And it's getting so popular in the U.S. that several DIY methods are floating around on the web.

Underarm waxing be darned, I'll admit that I'm not so brave as to try this one.

So, how about I just leave you with some links to do the research yourselves? Lemme know what you think: Would you try the V-Steam?

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 4:43pm]


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