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Always a party at Dillard's Clearance Outlet in Tampa



OK, it's true. I selfishly wanted to hold back on telling y'all about this one because I wanted to keep the deals all to myself!

And, maybe I'm actually late to the party. But, boy, am I glad I showed up in time to both have my cake and eat it too!

The party in question? Dillard's Clearance Outlet at University Mall in Tampa.

I'm mad that no one told me about it until a couple Fridays ago when a friend invited me to meet her there after work and assist in the hunt for the perfect dress for a weekend gala.

At first glance, the scant decoration and sheer number of yellow and red discount signs had me convinced the place was going out of business. Great sales, but a limited supply. However, I was quickly corrected by a fellow customer, who assured me that this seasonally-updated orphanage of ready-to-be-loved Dillards discards seeking a good home was, in fact, THE mecca of discounts on top of discounts on top of discounts.

It's a dangerous place, y'all.

Before my friend even arrived, I'd snapped up a pair of Jessica Simpson wedges. Original retail price: $80. Sale price: $20. *Cue corny 80s cabbage patch dance*

Sooo, you can probably guess what happened next. My friend arrived and, despite my best efforts to focus solely on her wardrobe, my credit card jumped out of my pocket all by itself, handed itself to the cashier and covered the $55 total cost of four deeply-discounted, high-end dresses for yours truly.

OK, fine. Maybe that's not exactly how it happened. But please believe that the savings are real.

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