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Amy Schumer preps thighs for Met Ball, is all of us

Amy Schumer at the Met Ball.

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Amy Schumer at the Met Ball.

The real hero of Monday's Met Ball is Amy Schumer.

She posted an Instagram video that showed her prepping for the red carpet by rubbing deodorant between her thighs. Like we all have to do.

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Yep, real girls chafe. Sweat + friction = the flames of hell between our thighs.

Even when she's not attending the Met Ball, Amy is a gift to us all. Recently, she spoke out against being called plus-size on the cover of Glamour magazine. She's a size 8, maybe a 6. Hardly plus-size. But labels suck, even when you're not the thing they say you are.

"Young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size. What are your thoughts?" she asked in an Instagram caption about the magazine's story. "Mine are not cool glamour not glamourous."

I'm a proud size 14. The Internet tells me that's average. Sometimes I'm a 12, sometimes a 16. I don't care, as long as my clothes fit, and I know I look good. Fat is a negative term, but I'm takin' it back. My friend and I call ourselves BFFs — Best Fatties Forever. Embrace it. Love yourself. Etc., etc.

No matter what your size, blazing thighs are just a part of our lives. (Don't even get me started on thigh gaps.) Thankfully, products exist to help ease the pain. Amy's using an average deodorant stick in the video,‎ but I'm partial to the unscented Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick.

There's a runner on it. Lol, I'm not an athlete; just a proud fattie trying not to set fires when I walk. Well, those kinds of fires, anyway. #Flawless


Thank you, Amy, for being your hilarious and beautiful self. Without burning thighs.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 6:23pm]


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