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Barack Obama's tan suit: Yes or heck, no?

President Obama speaks in the Press Briefing Room of the White House on Thursday. IN TAN.

Times files

President Obama speaks in the Press Briefing Room of the White House on Thursday. IN TAN.



Tampa Bay Times Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dan Ruth just came by my desk and requested an official Deal Diva position on President Barack Obama's tan suit, so I felt like I better not only jump, but also ask HOW HIGH?

Here we go with Suitgate 2014!

If you're not up to speed, Obama set off a Twitterversy Thursday when he wore a tan suit to discuss ISIS and Syria and the Ukraine among other things, all very serious matters some armchair QBs felt more befitting of a darker hue. Mostly, though, people lobbed jokes about it being Easter, or about Joe Biden dressing his boss.

Here's what I think, DAN AND REST OF WORLD.

1. Is this suit appropriate?

It's totally appropriate at the end of August to wear a suit like this. Have you been outside? It is like when the dinosaurs died. Also, it's not as if he's wearing a tuxedo T-shirt with a lampshade on his head, or an ascot covered in little pink men playing polo. It's a demure suit with a white shirt and a rather snoozzzzzy tie, and it doesn't make me take him any less seriously. 

2. Is this suit awesome?

Um. I'm sure it has a really good personality? I mean, it's fine. It's pretty basic. I don't think it fits great, but we need only flash back to the Dad Jeans of Yesteryear to remember his clothes tend to run toward the baggy. The thing I really thought when I saw it was that it brought out the gray in his hair in a major way, and kind of made him look extra tired (because surely he IS tired, but still). I would not give this suit my number, but maybe we could go out in a group of friends.

3. Should we even be talking about this?

We talk about what public figures wear at public events because A) we have eyes and live in a society, B) our clothes reflect things about who we are, and C) fashion is interesting to many people, even if you don't personally enjoy it. So, sure. I'm not of the school of thought that we should never discuss, well, anything, because free speech is for all of us. But I will say it is nice when male politicians get equal fashion police time, because -- this just in -- women are not the only ones who wear clothes.

4. What should Obama wear next?

Apart from that tuxedo tee, Obama would look boss in a jewel tone, maybe something with a pinstripe. He could try a pocket square, maybe spread his knot into a full Windsor. He must choose events carefully for these risks, because he should be staid when it is called for. But I'm for him and all dudes taking some more style chances. Also, the Clinique Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel Pen, a sample that recently arrived to DDHQ, might do him some good.

Ok, now you go. What's your take on the taupe?

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