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Betsey Johnson trench coats 70 percent off. It's July, but who cares?

Some of the trenches you can get if you HURRY.


Some of the trenches you can get if you HURRY.



Honestly, sometimes deals come across our radar that are hard to tell the larger population about. This is because we are selfish and want them all to ourselves. I imagine this is how people who work in great boutiques feel when amazing new things come in and they have the chance to get their grubby mitts on them first, thus entering a crisis of conscience on a weekly basis.

I split the difference today. I'm going to tell you about this deal, but I will confess that I bought my own first.

Groupon is offering Betsey Johnson trench coats at 70 percent off, marked down to $45, plus free shipping. Of course, they are amazing. And yeah, it's the middle of July and we're swilling smoothies to keep cool from the inside, but the off-season is when you find the best deals. Just stow it away for fall.

Here's the link. Run, hurry, flee! They're running out fast, thanks to ME. Sorry. I have an unhealthy problem with Betsey Johnson that cannot be stopped.

I picked up the pink one with the corset back, which, incidentally, is the one Deal Diva Katie told me she liked the least when I asked her for advice on which to choose. But I had to follow my heart, and my heart is dipped in hot pink with corset lacing up the back. If you had any question that we really do have different styles and tastes, you shouldn't. Can't wait to wear it in front of her this fall and see the hate in her eyes!

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