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Beyonce's pixie cut. Yes, or girl, no?




Ahem. Now that I got that out of the way, let's have a rational discussion about her hair, shall we?

I've had lots and lots of pixie cuts over the years, and although I am in a growth period now, I will probably have another pixie cut one day. They're so refreshing, so freeing, so easy to style in the morning. They give a funky edge to otherwise staid looks. They ooze confidence! And honestly, although it may take some courage to cut it all off, the concept of short hair on a girl in 2013 should not be this big, revolutionary thing, right? We've been allowed to wear pants for a few years now, too.

But how does B wear a pixie, personally? I've heard lots of theories and opinions about Beyonce's look, ranging from "SHE HAS KILLED HER INNER-DIVA," to "Meh," to "IT'S A WIG," to "SHE JUST TOOK OFF A WIG," to "HAHA, REMEMBER WHEN SHE GOT HER HAIR STUCK IN A FAN?" Her stylist contends it is her real hair and she cut it all off.

For someone like Beyonce, perfectly groomed at all times, who probably has worn all nature of performance hairpieces, crowns, headdresses, extensions and salon products, who, yeah, recently got her hair stuck in a fan, this has to feel like total freedom. And let's face it. She could walk around with spaghetti and meatballs on her melon and still be like "WA-BAM!"

So, that's a long way of saying, I like it. You do what feels right, B. Just make sure to trim the ends the sideburns every couple weeks, or you'll end up looking like one of the Bee Gees. I speak from experience.

What do you guys think? See the requisite slideshow above for some other famous pixie cuts. And please enjoy this Mashable retrospective of Beyonce's best hair moments.

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