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Bubble necklaces try and take over the world

A couple months ago, I wandered into a Charlotte Russe store, saw a piece of outrageous aqua neck candy priced at $12.99 and walked out the proud owner of the new bold and chunky beast. What a unique piece of jewelry! Something I had never seen before! This would really make a statement, in the immortal words of Daria Morgendorffer, stand proudly and proclaim I AM!

The following week, former Deal Diva Emily walked into happy hour wearing the exact same necklace, down to the color and the gold hardware, unaware that I had ever made such a purchase. "I have that exact thing," I said, and then showed her the picture above.

Huh. Well, it was probably a fluke, I figured, a total coincidence. That's when, in the next few weeks, I started seeing bubble necklaces pretty much all over the United States of America. I saw them in stores, on people, on Pinterest pages. I walked into Charming Charlie to pick out a Mother's Day gift for my mom and was practically assaulted by bubble necklaces. The tipping point came when I realized that the mean sorority girl who wrote that now-infamous letter was also wearing one in the pictures that went viral. Major fail.

Either I'd caught this trend at the very beginning, which can't possibly be true, or some universal process of awareness happened to me. It's like when you buy a Toyota Camry, then all of a sudden you realize every other car on the road is also a Toyota Camry and it gets real Pleasantville and creepy.

Anyway, I still like my bubble necklace, even if I am one of 16 million women (and possibly some men) to own it. It really is a bright style move for summer, giving new life to the plainest items in your closet. They range from super cheap (mine) to pricier (not mine). My advice? If you're going to indulge in the bubble necklace fad, go inexpensive. I predict it'll stick around through the fall, at which point we'll all see friends at the bar wearing something else we thought was so original.

Check out the slide show above for some options from Charlotte Russe, Max & Chloe, New Dreamz, JCP, J.Crew and Ann Taylor. While you're browsing Pinterest for ideas for styling it, don't forget to follow the Deal Divas!

[Last modified: Friday, May 17, 2013 1:04pm]


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