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$10 airport scarf changes lives, restores hope



scanket1.jpgIt's starting to warm up around these parts, ever so slowly. It's a good thing, since most Floridians dress for cold weather like astronauts who just discovered signs of Ugg boot life on the moon. I won't miss layering 18 T-shirts over a threadbare sweater to stay warm.

But there is one thing I will miss. My scanket.

See what I did there? I made up a word. It's a cross between a scarf and a blanket, and I love it with all my heart. I purchased this taxi-yellow scanket at the Tampa International Airport's best kept secret, Bijoux Terner, slogan "Luxury at Ten." You see, everything there is $10 -- watches, necklaces, purses, scankets. During a recent flight delay, my friend Mary and I got bored and went bananas for Luxury at Ten.

I bought a watch, which broke almost immediately. She bought a purse, which broke almost immediately. But we both bought scankets, and I'm happy to report they're defying the Bijoux Terner breaky-breaky trend and holding up just fine after a spin in the wash.

The store bills it as a "pashmina," which is totally wrong, and a major pet peeve of mine. Players be calling any old scarf a pashmina these days, when in fact, pashmina is a very specific type of wool that comes from Himalayan mountain goats, usually woven with silk. The Bijoux Terner "pashminas" are viscose, which is a partly-synthetic material. So I refuse that designation. Besides, scanket is a far more jovial word, don't you think?


Even though it's not made from goat coat, I love this thing. I can tie it around my neck, looping both ends through the hole, as I demonstrate beside this blue pipey thing outside the office in a professional-grade iPhone picture taken by Deal Diva Emily:


Or if it gets cold, I can full-on wrap it around myself for years and years. BLANKET:


I'm thinking of keeping this puppy at my desk, since the air conditioner is usually set to OH GEEZ FREEZING. Besides, it's always good to have a blanket on hand for mental comfort. Ask any toddler. At $10, consider getting one in a new color every time you pass through the airport. It'll at least keep you warm and cute on the plane.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: iPhone, dudes.

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