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$10,000 black diamond ring -- for $800?



blackdiamond.jpgI almost hosed Diet Coke all over my computer when I saw this. Today only, the deal website is offering a 5-carat black diamond ring with 1/2 carat of white diamonds set in 14-carat white gold, plus a gift box, for what they claim is 93 percent off. It's allegedly valued at $10,000, but selling for...


WHAT? How can this be? I e-mailed the company's publicity guy to ask, essentially, how is this possible? And how can readers be sure it's not a scam?

He wrote:

Rather than spend precious dollars on marketing to attract new customers, 1SaleaDay focuses on giving deep savings to customers, who then pass the word on about the great deals they’ve discovered at the site. 1SaleADay keeps their prices low by selling just a handful of products in very high volume and eliminating overhead wherever possible.

Hmm. Well, if it's true, it's amazing. The thing that gives me pause, though, is that you can't really be sure of quality given the information provided. Diamonds come in all sorts of grades and qualities with various levels of imperfection, cut, distribution of color, luster. Black diamonds are heavier and appear smaller than colorless ones. And many are treated, not made black in nature -- fine, just something to consider. The fine print here says: "Diamonds are genuine and may contain slight imperfections. These imperfections are called inclusions and provide each individual diamond with unique characteristics. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!" Hmm. How many times can I say hmmmmm?

The picture of this ring doesn't blow me away, but maybe you're different. It's pitched as similar to the ring Carrie Bradshaw got from Big in Sex and the City 2, which, can we just talk about for a minute? SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen the movie. Did anyone else scream nasties at the screen when the ring changed hands? I mean, she acts like a total jerk to Big, scoffs at the flat screen TV he buys her and whines when he won't go to any ridiculous, cupcakey red carpet events with her. Then she flits off to Abu Dhabi where she wears a variety of misguided taffeta and Dior shirts and cheats on Big with Aidan.  When she fesses up, Big GIVES HER A BLACK DIAMOND!  The writers must have been very, very high.  I'm just saying.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

If you're going to go for this deal, just be sure you know what you're doing. My boyfriend has ordered from this company before and had no trouble. But the Better Business Bureau rating is dodgy -- 192 complaints in the past 36 months. Choose for yourself, and do us a favor -- don't give a black diamond to someone as a reward after she cheats on you (cough cough Mr. Big cough).

Deal Diva Stephanie

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