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Adventures in jewelry repair



With ripped necklaces and stone-less earrings comes regret and eye-rolling.

Same goes for unneccesary chores, right? Somehow, after two years of storing broken jewelry pieces into a little drawstring bag, I merged these things and felt anything but agony. 

In my heart, I was storing the inexpensive pieces for eventual repair. But my head, knowing how I operate, had no intention of putting this bag anywhere but inside a drawer, next to unpaired socks, away from priorities.

The bag resurfaced when I moved to St. Petersburg, and I decided to be a responsible adult who takes care of clutter and problems.

The closest, most obviously labeled repair shop from my workplace is Lightning Fast Jewelry Repair at 360 First Ave N. At one-fifth of a mile away, you'd think I dropped off the troubled jewels, like, first thing. Nope, I waited to do this errand as I walked to Five Guys for lunch. Peak convenience!

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The man at the counter was friendly and provided estimates. I threw in a watch that needed a new battery and headed for my burger and cajun fries. The pieces were ready within a few days.

Let's talk money.

Watch battery: $8.95

Too much? Just right? IDK. I haven't done this in years because of cell phone technology.

Restringing peace signs bracelet: $7.95


I bought this for what had to be $5 at a flea market three years ago. I've been missing the bracelet so much I didn't mind spending almost double the purchasing price for replacing the elastic. Looking at it now, my ungifted hands definitely could have made the fix.

Soldering my "k" necklace: $7.95.


I can't solder, and this delicate necklace was a sweet Christmas gift (that I broke while moving my hair from inside the necklace, like always. I don't even know.). So, that was worth it.

Adding a jump ring to a strand necklace: $3.95.


This could could have been repaired at home with a tutorial, pliers and a Michael's trip. But then again, there's no way you can just buy one ring, right? Who needs a drawer of jump rings?

Final bill: $30.82. I'll admit that's more than I expected, though I didn't put much thought into my expectations before entering the store. Still, I'm satisfied with the service and happy these didn't meet a destiny in the trash.

Do we have any DIY repairists in our company? Do you have a favorite, go-to repair shop? Think I went about this all wrong? Share to care.

Deal Diva Katie

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