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All up in (under)arms

Remember how I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was frantically scrambling around as I prepared to go out of town?

Well, part of that preparation included an experiment that I subjected myself to just for y’all!

I’m a firm believer that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

underarm-wax.jpg That’s right. I got my pits waxed.

OK, that’s clearly not me in the photo (I figured I’d spare you all the furry details). But if any of you ladies out there are anything like me, shaving is one of those womanly duties that you just detest.

Growing up in Michigan, it wasn’t so bad. The only time bare underarms came into play were a few measly months during the summer.

Of course, in Florida swimsuit/sleeveless shirt season lasts practically year round –- as does the near-daily shaving, which leads to razor bumps, itchy stubble and (for us dark-haired gals) the seemingly constant five o’clock shadow. Nair depilatory cream just smells…wrong. And as much of an advocate I am for natural beauty, I just can’t bear the thought of looking like I’m holding a small dog in a chokehold.

Thus, my foray into armpit waxing.

I booked an appointment for a Saturday morning at Botanica Day Spa in Clearwater.

I chose this place because it was close to work, has long hours of operation and also was offering a package deal that included a free facial.

I had to grow out my underarm hair about a quarter inch – two or so weeks of growth (which admittedly made for a few awkward mornings as I decided which shirts I could or, rather, should not wear just in case I was asked to...I don't jumping jacks in the middle of the newsroom).

I have a high pain threshold and the spa told me it wasn’t necessary, but I still heeded the advice of several online articles and took some Tylenol about a half hour before the appointment.

It took Ileana about 10 minutes total to quickly and deftly apply the warm wax, let it cool, then let-‘er-rip!

If you’ve ever gotten your bikini line waxed, you know that it can be a bit painful. My personal experience was that it stung slightly more than the bikini area. Of course, this may have been because my pits were waxed before the meds had enough time to fully numb me. For context, in my opinion, both bikini and underarm waxes hurt less than upper lip waxing or eyebrow threading. Ileana was very chatty and good about reminding me that I could take a break if I needed, but I didn’t find it necessary.

The verdict? I’d do it again.

I was satisfied with the results, which cost $20 and lasted about two and a half weeks. Pulling hair out by the root meant my underarms were slightly sore for a day or two after the waxing. But by no means was it unbearable. I really only noticed when I went to put on deodorant. In addition to the nice hiatus from constant shaving and skin irritation, I did not notice any bumps until the hair started to grow back.

And I’ve heard that the pain and hair thickness decreases with subsequent waxes.

Has anyone else tried armpit waxing? What did you think of the experience and the results? Anybody else know of any cheaper deals around town?

Deal Diva Keyonna

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