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And the verdict on capris is....



IvotedJPG The haters sounded off. Then everyone else voted.

In the first installment of the Great Capris Debate, there was agreement that capris are a fashion disaster. Then we put the capris question to a vote. And surprise, surprise: Those who don't like 'em are in the minority.

After two days and more than 200 votes, here are the preliminary results: Forty-one percent of you think capris are appropriate to wear all the time. Another third would wear capris on the weekends. And just 14 percent of you think capris should never see the light of day.

Really, people, what gives?

We can agree that it makes a difference HOW you wear those capris. Heels help the look. So does a butt-flattering fit. But I think there's more to this debate.

This is rude, but it has to be said: The fashionistas who "claim" they refuse to touch capris must live in a world with unlimited funds for dry cleaning and outrageously fastidious children/dogs/husbands.

Capris are my go-to for the days when I don't want to look perfect, just acceptable. And yes, that can be a reasonable goal. Like when I am grocery shopping or walking the dog. When it's too darn hot to wear jeans in Florida, but I don't want to be cold in the movie theater. When an afternoon might take me to the beach, or within 30 feet of a child.

Agree? Disagree? Let the Great Capris Debate wage on!

Deal Diva Letitia

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:26pm]


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