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And the winners are...



Get ready for a whole lotta awkward!

We got some great entries for the Deal Divas' Awkward photo contest, a great number of which involved animals. Because nothing says "star of wonder" like forcing embarrassing clothes on our furry friends.

But we can't lie. Our hearts went to the two entries that best exemplified truly atrocious human holiday fashion. After all, we've all worn a misguided prairie dress or had our hair cut with a Flowbee minutes before church. We feel especially warm and fuzzy knowing we're not alone. Without further adieu, we give you the winners of a signed copy of Cookielicious by St. Petersburg Times food editor Janet Keeler, plus Deal Diva swag!

WINNER 1: Sarah

Sarah writes:

Attached is a picture of myself in 8th grade, at a friend's Christmas party. I went through a HUGE colonial/pioneer phase (which I blame on the American Girl books) and got my mom to sew this dress for me. I'm also wearing lace-up boots. I thought I was stylin' and that I would catch the attention of my crush, who happened to be my friend's brother; in reality, I looked Amish. Gotta love the awkward phase.

God bless it. PIONEER DRESS AND BOOTS! That kind of suffering surely deserves a prize. Well played, Sarah.

WINNER 2: Jennifer Sampson of Tampa


Jennifer is seen here with her siblings, and the whole family is rocking that tonsorial delight known as the bowl cut. That kid is totally silencing the Care Bear before it says another word about "bangs." Show him who's boss.

Congrats, ladies! Your stuff will be in the mail shortly. Merry Christmas and thanks for being great Deal Divas!

We may be out of prizes, but that doesn't mean we're out of time to embarrass you! Here are the rest of the entries, presented with love, thanks and a hearty dose of "What in the..."

Here's a traumatizing entry from Liz Furlong of Tampa, whose dog was VERY, VERY happy to see Santa. This is a family blog, so we've blacked out the the naughty bits. But the full monty remains on Facebook, if you're so inclined.


Next, we have Sebastion the cat from our friend Daylina Miller of Tampa. We have to confess. Daylina didn't enter the contest. We just pestered her to let us post this, because it's so hilarious. How FURIOUS does that cat look? He's all, "Laugh it up, fashion types. One day,  you'll be defenseless, and I wont be so nice."


Here's another confused animal from Terri Dystonia. We have to imagine this dog was super disoriented when the Santa hat poof ball fell in his eye. Overall, his expression says, "WHERE AM I?"


Terri also submitted this photo of her buck all decked out for the holidays, proving even large game can accessorize.


Strangely, though, she wasn't the only one to nominate an antlered wall decoration, and that left us feeling, well, awkward! Holly Arnold from Ontario also sent us this shot of her husband's festive holiday buck. Who knew we had so many hunters for fans? We like to SAVE BUCKS at Deal Divas. (Get it? See what I did there?)


Finally, we have Heidi Sullivan of Tampa, with this adorable offering of her annoyed daughter.


Heidi writes:

I dumped my daughter, Aimee, on Santa's lap when she was three and ran to the camera guy. Believe it or not, this was the BEST shot he got. She's less than thrilled about being abandoned with a stranger in red!

We get it, Aimee. He creeps us out, too.

Thanks, everyone, for having fun with us! If you think you can do better, post your pics on our Facebook wall. Why stop the awkward now?

Deal Diva Stephanie

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