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Ann Taylor Loft: credit card racket alert!

We like that Ann Taylor Loft is cheap. But are they fair?

I have one of their Loft cards (not the Mastercard that they always try to pitch you, but the lower, in-house one that awards you points, etc. to use later at Loft only).

So, anyway, my balance is due today. I thought I'd pay it online. But it costs $10 to pay it TODAY, the day of. If I click that I'd like the payment to go through tomorrow (past the due date) it's free.

There's also a fee if I call and pay it by phone. So, the only way I can pay my balance without being charged a fee is to GO INTO the store and pay directly.

WHAT A RACKET! Especially since I REALLY have a hard time going there and not buying something.

I know I could have paid it ahead of time, or sent it through the mail for free, but I specifically planned to pay it on the due date because it lined up with payday.

Any Ann Taylor Loft credit card holders out there know of a better solution?

~ Guest Deal Diva Rebecca Catalanello

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:17pm]


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