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Are eyebrows over? Please, say it ain't so



Vogue Let us pause for a moment and consider the evolution of the eyebrow.

For a time, tweezed-too-much thin was in. Then Brooke Shields bushy came back.

And now? If the runways and fashion mags are to be believed, it's time to stop plucking, penciling, waxing and threading. The perfect shaped brow is actually no brow at all. Yep, that's right. Just go ahead and shave off the whole shebang.

Say wha?!! 

We've established before that some of the looks seen on runways are downright ridonculous. But the idea of voiding eyebrows from one's forehead -- by choice -- takes this wackiness to a new level. Poor Frida Kahlo must be turning over in her grave.

New York Times story on said trend didn't help it register any clearer for me. One guy said his obsession with Whoopi Goldberg inspired him to bleach his brows into nothingness. Another 20-something FASHION CONSULTANT who plucked hers bare on a daily basis said it made "one look less human and more cerebral, maybe even mechanical. It's an exercise in modernity."

Um, Miss Fashion Consultant, you may want to lay off the scotch and special brownies.

The article suggests that the no-eyebrow look is a way for people to express themselves at a time when cash for, say, a new purse or pair of shoes is running low.

Or howzabout this? Go to Forever 21, buy yourself a designer knock-off shirt and wear it to a karaoke bar where you can express yourself for hours crooning Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson songs at the top of your lungs. In the morning, you'll wake up with a hangover and sore throat, but your eyebrows will still be wonderfully, humanly intact.

~ Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: An eyebrow-free Kristen McMenamy on the cover of Italian Vogue. For more troubling images, check out the new Givenchy advertising campaign.) 

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