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Are sunglasses from the eye doctor fashionable? Why, yes!



Eyedoctorglasses I went to the eye doctor Wednesday morning for a routine checkup. As happens once a year, I had my eyes dilated. I also sought advice on my left eye that has been twitching for two weeks. My doctor advised me to "drink a bottle of wine and go to sleep." Wise, wise woman.

Anyway, after the scary drops that turned my pupils into Magic 8 Balls, I spent the next two hours squinting to see things in focus, looking like I ate a big handful of glitter berries off a highly questionable tree I found in the woods. For safety, I slipped in the shaded "sunglasses" the doctor gave me so I could get to work. That's them up in the left corner, hanging tough on my face behind my prescription specs.

I was totally shocked when I looked in the rear view and thought they were actually kind of fierce, in a Lady Gaga kind of way. While I would never wear them in a populated public as-is, because I do have some standards, I sort of liked the shape -- round bottoms with defined corners. Could I find some glasses that had the spirit of cheap plastic eye doctor glasses, with none of the humiliation?

Of course!
These are from Forever 21, $6.80. A little Kanye, yes, but I would give them a shot.
These are from Hot Topic, $9.99. They're your basic retro knockoffs, cool in a funky way.


These, which I can only afford in my nightdreams, are from Sunglass Hut, made by Persol. They sell for $360.

Maybe I should stick to the handouts from my doctor. Like I said, she is wise.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Forever 21, Hot Topic, Sunglass Hut

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