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A banana split? Nope, just terrible shorts from ModCloth (and other observations)



Remember when Deal Diva Kameel told us about ModCloth's this-never-happpens sale on the Coach Tour dress?

I couldn't resist. I bought the dress in navy and have already worn it twice. I've perused the site quite a bit ever since, to my pleasure and to great horror.

The way I see it, there are four categories for ModCloth stock. 

#1: Cute, original and all-around win

I delighted in making a ModCloth birthday wish-list for my mom the other day. Just look at this green (très expensive, not going to happen) satchel, this asymmetrical taupe leather jacket, and this two-toned berry blazer. I've simply gotta catch 'em all.

These items make ModCloth the fun online store that it is. They go quickly and please often.


#2: Cute, but in a Zooey Deschanel way that isn't always on track

ModCloth might be your best hope for a recognizable 'New Girl' costume that translates to real life. I know I'm too old for these bespectacled cat and crowned corgi sweaters. I really don't care. They're adorable and hilarious. 

catglassespullover.jpg corgisweater.jpgcamelwedges.jpg

#3: Crazy, but I want it despite social risks

Then there's stuff I want knowing full well of the intense eyes I will get from passers-by. Come to me, kaleidoscope shirt and teddy bear sweater. You're wanted in spite of the odds! (Actually, teddy bear sweater is $140. Scratch that.)

kaleidoscope.jpg  teddybearsweater.jpg

#4: Just plain crazy, buy garment just to burn it

These shorts


My podmate Molly sent these my way last week, and we had the best time fugicizing them. Shorts don't work like fro-yo flavor swirls. Your thighs are not an Easter basket. The crotch is no place for color blocking. Right and left butt cheeks need continuity of color.

We could have kept going. But then the shorts win.

This SPIKED bustier, which you probably understand is all wrong by description alone. (Update: This thing appears feathered upon first glance, and I characterized it as such. The reality is much worse.)


This bodysuit.


Let's all give it a hand. No, not a hand of applause. I'm thinking one holding scissors, gliding down the front of the garmet, and then across ...

Deal Diva Katie 

Photos: ModCloth website.

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