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Bangs Gone Wild: Extreme Scissors on Hair Action



bangs.jpgSo I'm still loving my holiday bangs and don't plan on growing them out anytime soon, but sometimes they seelongbangs.jpgm like they have a plan of their own. It feels like they go from the perfect brow-skimming length to oh-my-god-they're in-my-face-I-CAN'T-SEE overnight, and then I'm doing daily battle with this flap of hair pushed to one side or another.

As much as I love visiting my beloved Josh from Wicked Salon, I get busy, yo. Every day, I make a mental note to stop by for a quick bang trim, and then every day, news breaks at work, the guys installing tile in my house need me to come home to see something, the cats need their medicine, a friend needs an emergency happy hour. Who has time for salon visits every four weeks? 

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of trimming my own bangs to save time and money. I asked Deal Diva Stephanie for advice via text message, and she responded, "cut vertical, not straight across." But how do you cut hair vertically? I mean, I get it, but I don't. And certainly, I don't have the skillz to pull it off. If I could practice on one of those cosmetology school dummy heads, I would, but you'd best believe I'm not going near my own head for vertical scissors practice.

Marie Claire offers these tips on trimming your own bangs, which basically say to use cuticle scissors and start with tiny snips, indeed pointing the scissors up, not straight across, as Steph advised. I'm still not ready for this? Has anyone cut their own bangs? Advice? Encouragement? Horror stories?

Deal Diva Emily

[Last modified: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 12:31pm]


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