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makeup.jpegHow did I discover that my 30's are not my new 20's?

a) I learned where to look on my head for gray hairs.

b) I decided skirt bikinis were cute.

c) I shelled out a small fortune on little tubes to fight fine lines on my forehead.

My answer: C. I used to be a moisturizer skeptic, believing my oily skin didn't need any help to break out. (The skirt-kini was in my closet years ago, and I'm hoping to put off dyeing my hair for another year.) But I realized I was getting older when I no longer could ignore the road map sprouting on my forehead.

So I rushed to the magical land of Sephora, where I found a salesman who looked many years older than me but still had peachy-smooth skin. Fifteen minutes later, I was $61 poorer and feeling foolish to be carrying out little tubes from Murad and Bliss that, in fact, weren't filled with gold.

That night, I smeared on my face as directed, gingerly dabbing the under-eye region with my ring finger ("It's as fragile as tissue paper," the salesman had admonished.) I went to bed embarrassed that I had been taken for a ride. But the craziest thing happened the next morning when I looked in the mirror: My forehead lines were noticeably improved, especially the pesky crease between my eyebrows that already had me thinking Botox wouldn't be as ridiculous as I once thought.

Consider me a convert. But moisturizing is an expensive habit. Google "best moisturizers" and your head will spin. So fellow deal divas, help a girl out with some recs -- what do you use?

Deal Diva Letitia

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