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Beauty hassles worth the time?!?

MakeupLately, I've been feeling pretty whiny about all the things I have to do to walk out the door in the morning that boys don't. Let us count: 30 minutes on hair, 10 on makeup, an extra five in the shower to shave my legs, bimonthly appointments to beautify various body parts...

And I haven't even gotten dressed yet in the latest trendy whatever.

Obviously, I'm not a granola girl, although I have nothing against them. I'm just not naturally perfect and society did a good job of indoctrinating me on the merits of things like moisturizing. So to meet the socially acceptable standards for coiffing, I really can't skip any of these steps. But all the men who are my so-called equals at work spend a lot less time getting there than I do -- and strangers aren't going to accuse them of having bad eyebrows.

What gives, divas? Is this a suck it up and cope, it's hard to be a woman moment? Or is it time that we begin expecting a little more manicuring from the opposite sex, or cut ourselves a little slack, to level the playing field?

Deal Diva Letitia

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:28pm]


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