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Big Lots will change your life



On the Deal Diva spectrum of cheap to lavish, I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I like a good sale and love saving money, but I'm also prone to impulse buys and am not afraid to spend on things I don't necessarily need.

Which is why the overstock megastore Big Lots is sometimes a problem for me. It takes me from savvy spendthrifBig_Lots_store.JPGt to borderline obsessive compulsive hoarder by about Aisle 4. Immersion blender for $12? Yes, please! Caramel corn barrel for $2.50? I'd love some, thanks! Zebra print decorative pillows for a buck each? I'll take six!

But the real Big Lots magic happens when you find things you actually need. I'm always thrilled to find REAL makeup and NAME BRAND toiletries at Big Lots' bargain basement prices. Deal Diva Stephanie and I have this running joke about how buying replacement Schick Intuition razor cartridges at $18 a box is a luxury we just can't afford right in these rough economic times. I have to carefully time the right days to shave my legs so as not to waste my precious razor cartridges. Seriously.

So imagine my delight when I found my beloved razors at Big Lots for $8.50! For six cartridges! No lie, I JUST bought a three-pack for $10 razor.jpgthe night before at Publix. Can't have too many razors at that price, though, so I bought the Big Lots ones for backup.

Here's the caveat of Big Lots: It's all stuff that, for whatever reason, some other big-name store didn't want. Maybe the labels are printed upside-down, maybe the safety seal is missing, maybe a particular product isn't selling too well in the U.S. I bought a bottle of Scope there once and later saw in fine print, "Not for use in households with children."

In the case of these Schick razor cartridges, I realized after comparing boxes at home that the Publix ones had four blades and my hugely discounted Big Lots ones had three blades. I've never even seen them with three blades. Fortunately, I don't buy into the whole four-blades-are-better-than-three propaganda hype, so I still win! I actually used the new three-blader for a smooth shave this morning. On a Wednesday! And I'm wearing pants!

Deal Diva Emily

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