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Last night at the Democratic National Convention Michelle Obama spoke eloquently  of a family who has fought hard for the American Dream. I just wish she'd tried a little harder for a better dress.


Didn't the Democrats have a problem with this before?

I'm not a fan of Michelle's fashion choice last night (as I type this I look around to make sure a slap isn't coming my way)...there are gags of people who adore her style and I am usually among them. 

But not this time. The turquoise number she wore last night was wool and therefore had a bulk that made it look more like a sweat shirt than tailored dress. I hear Michelle stuck with the mastermind designer behind the goddess of a dress she wore the night Barack Obama clinched the nomination.


That dress was a vision. The color and fit were great for Michelle Obama's 5'11 frame and almond brown skin.

But back to the BLUE Michelle Obama talked about blue collar values, I couldn't help but think her voice was being piped through that big broach attached to the front of her collar. I know last night was about painting a softer, gentler Michelle Obama, but all I could think was at any minute the combination of those hot lights and that wool dress is going to make this woman blow!

For what it's worth, I still enjoy that Michelle Obama is about simplicity. And she totally gets age and height appropriate length. She's classy. And for that, I can live with a fashion faux pas here and there.

So what did you think of her fashion choice?

~ Deal Diva Nicole

(photos: AP)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:10pm]


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