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Boyfriend cardigan, or old man sweater?



Boyfriendcardiganjcrew_2The boyfriend cardigan is everywhere. Except my boyfriend's closet.

Who knows a man younger than 40 who actually wears a bulky V-neck button up? It must be that "boyfriend cardigan" sounds better than "old man sweater."

I know only one male with a closet full of them. HI, DAD!!! It's been three decades since he purchased his favorite, a dead ringer for the J Crew "boyfriend" cardigan, left, now on sale $99.99. Dad's version has elbow patches. J Crew could call it the "professor sweater" and charge $25 more per arm.

Sakscardigan_2I'm not anti-cardigan, or anti-boyfriend. But I look better in cropped sweaters. (And why would the fashion gods have wanted me to spend big bucks on designer jeans that make my butt look perky, just cover it up?)

As trends go, it could be worse. Boyfriend cardigans have more staying power than Skittles-colored jeans. Still, I have nothing kind to say about the Collegiate Cashmere Cardigan, right, $450 at Saks. Better to buy books for a semester, or an outfit that doesn't remind me of my kindergarten teacher.

-- Deal Diva Letitia

(Photos: J Crew, Saks.)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:12pm]


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