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Brrrrrr! A coat-buying trip for a Florida wimp



While Deal Diva Letitia is looking for the perfect fall tee to welcome the cooler temperatures, I'm swaddling myself in Snuggies, wool pants and thick boots. Yesterday, I complained building services that I couldn't feel my fingertips or nose, and could they please turn on the heat in the office when it's below 70 outside. Then I walked into my boss's office and warmed my icy hands up against his steaming, brewing coffemaker.

Yeah, I'm a cold weather wuss. I don't mind seasonal cold fronts, but I usually can't wait for it to end. This is in large part because I never feel prepared. Last winter, when we had that brutal stretch of below-60 days that lasted for months, I found myself wearing the same one sweater, one cardigan, one jacket, two pairs of pants and either black or brown boots, over and over and over and over ... It was awful.

Not this year, I vowed. Instead of digging out the same pilled cardigan and praying for it all to end soon, I went ahead and stocked up on outerwear at my new favorite department store, JCPenney. In September, well before the air got chilly, my mother and I went to one of those "doorbuster" sales, though we practically had the place to ourselves for the first hour. We couldn't resist the huge assortment of coats and peacoat.jpegjackets they were offering for up to 50 percent off (and that's not including coupons that black_coat.jpegcome in the paper every week).

I typically go for dark or neutral jackets and coats, but I'm loving bright colors this year. I bought this pretty St. John's Bay peacoat in emerald green (pictured left, $99.99) and a boyfriend jacket with a red plaid lining that peeks out when you roll up the sleeves. For simple functionality, I also got this black hooded babydoll coat (pictured right, $39.99) that is so soft and comfy. And I stocked up on new boots, including an adorable pair of suede-ish above-the-knee boots that were only about $60. Sweaters were also on the cheap, and for about $250, I walked out of JCPenney ready to brave the harsh elements. In fact, I can't wait for the next cold front! Bring it!


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