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Cache cocktail dress: To splurge or not to splurge?

Cachedress2 A handful of years back, I fell in love with a strapless gold cocktail dress at Cache... I mean, LOVE. Like, leave-your-husband kind of love. I must have tried it on four times. But it was $175, and I was in my college phase of POOR and DESTITUTE, an era when I once wrote a CHECK for a WALMART gift card, then filled up at the WALMART gas station using the GIFT CARD, knowing the CHECK would FLOAT until PAY DAY.

Yeah, that sucked. Anyway, no money, no dress. I still lament it sometimes. I wish I had just, like, sold my brother or something to get it. It was so perfect.

These days, though definitely not wealthy and still proficient at "creative banking," I'm gainfully employed and tuition free. I'm also attending a glam wedding in Washington D.C. on July 4, and I've been thinking I might have to head back to Cache. Yes, it's a little Cougar Town. And yes, they recently had a one piece purple jumpsuit on display in the window at the Countryside store. I die.

But they have some fierce evening gowns, beaded and shiny and springy and slinky. Mostly, I think I just owe myself a belated expensive cocktail dress as a reward for putting myself through college and eating all that pasta.

I popped on the website for a preview, and was pleased to see a selection of dresses that won't play my wallet for a total fool. Here's a cute one for less than $70. This one's completely hot for $90.

Should I do it? Or should I stick to my Forever 21 instincts? Or should I go to an independent boutique? Or do you think the gold dress still exists somewhere? All these questions...

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo:, beaded shoulder dress, $198.... uggggh.

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