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Calvin Klein? Meet Roy G. Biv



So, it’s the end of the day and I’m just now getting around to posting. My apologies. But lemme tell ya, scouring the Internet for info about underwear sure is hard work.cklein1.jpg

I swear, it was all in the name of journalism!

I wanted to be able to write knowledgeably about the fashion value of underoos – specifically those of a certain Matthew Terry.

He’s the model who was featured in that (in)famous Calvin Klein commercial that has Super Bowl viewers buzzing.

Sure, we could sit here and debate things like the objectification of female versus male bodies in the media, whether the ad will actually boost sales among heterosexual men (or, more likely, the women that love them), and whether that washboard Terry calls an abdomen qualifies as a six, 12 or 100-pack.

OR we could talk about something else very timely: Predictions that men’s underwear will see one of the “brightest springs ever.”

That’s right. The UK-based DeadGoodUndies put out a press release last week saying the site's “men’s underwear and swimwear specialists” expect fashion-conscious buyers this year to a shift away from the traditional black, white and gray skivvies and tango instead with Roy G. Biv.

“Pink is in, red is racing ahead, blues and greens are bright and refreshing. We have in the past been wary of shades of orange, but this spring’s orange tones are chic rather than in-your-face bold,” the release quotes DGU co-founder Jane Garner.

“Brands are working a handful of key colour combinations very effectively too - watch out for red and blue, or the classic red-white-blue trio with a twist, and really summery green-with-blue balances too.”

The memo attributes the new trend to “upbeat colour palettes in new collections launched at the start of this year.”

I’m not so convinced. I mean, anyone who’s lived with a man – brother, husband, whatever – knows that guys’ unmentionables are sometimes literally too disgusting to mention. Too hot to handle with a 10-foot pole, Febreze and extra-strength bleach. Comfort is typically the go-to factor, so I’m finding it a bit hard to believe that dudes are now attempting to match their clothes to their not-so-sexy underthings.

But for those fashion-forward few who were so moved by the Calvin Klein ad to step up their underwear game, just know that this Deal Diva won’t wince if you go all out.

Go forth and purchase.

Deal Diva Keyonna

Photo: YouTube screen grab of Calvin Klein Super Bowl commercial

[Last modified: Monday, February 4, 2013 6:32pm]


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