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Catch some free beads!




No, not that kind of beads.


lovebeads.jpgMy sister brought this new trend to my attention (Yes, the sister who works at Nord's. Yes, still jealous.) They're called Love Beads, and they're made by a group out in Los Angeles that believes in --  YOU GUESSED IT -- peace and love. The coolest thing about them, though, is that they're free, she said.

Come on, I told sis. Free? Really? Surely you have to fill out some annoying survey or sign your life away to a magazine subscription or pay thousands of dollars to some anonymous bank in the Caymans, right? 

Nope. Free.

All you have to do, she said, is give the company your name and address, and, just like that, they send you pretty beads on a long elastic strand that can be worn as a necklace or wrapped up as a bracelet.

Okay, yes, the proposition is mildly creepy. Like, who are these weird hippie people that are now going to know where I live? But I figured, my apartment's in a safe building, and working in the news world has instilled a healthy fear of weird people who could be lurking around my parking lot. So what the heck. I gave it a shot.

Sure enough, a few weeks later I get an envelope in the mail with a big heart on the front and a bundle of beads inside. Plus a note.

"By wearing Love Beads, I hope they will be a constant reminder to share the love by giving to others, whatever you can, whenever you can. To open your heart and accept others for who they are and not what you expect them to be."

Aw, now I kind of feel bad for being cynical.

But if you never hear from me again, now you know I'm probably being kept prisoner in some organic compound and know all the words to my parents' old Grateful Dead albums. At least I've got some nice looking jewelry.

Deal Diva Kim

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