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Celebrity shoe designer Sam Edelman at Tampa's International Plaza Saturday



Queenie Here at Deal Divas, there are few things we love more than shoes. Our families, maybe. Also, bread pudding is pretty amazing. But shoes first. Even on your chubbiest day or your worst acne day or your bloatiest day, shoes look great. They can turn an outfit from forgettable to special. They are there for you when even your dog shuns you.

OK, enough dramatics. The point is, this weekend you can meet someone who loves shoes just as much as we do -- celebrity shoe designer Sam Edelman. He has outfitted the feet of famous people including Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Halle Berry and Katy Perry. Saturday, he'll be at Dillards at International Plaza from 2-4 p.m. doling out shoe advice and sharing the secrets to his fabulous designs. A photographer will be on hand to take photos, and you can enter to win a free pair. Just stop by, pick up a pair and talk to the guru himself.

Sam edelman We caught up with Sam Edelman this week for a little chat session:

Why have your shoes struck a nerve?
I think that the world was ready for an affordable approach to something different, something unique and special. I think that's what we do. We're different and special, but we're always on-trend. On-trend is the key to Sam Edelman. We're not a year behind Prada, we're not a year behind Gucci.

How do you keep up?
We shop, we study and we're there. Everybody else is running to Paris, but we might be on the streets of Stockholm. We might be in Antwerp. We might be in Morocco.

Are women afraid to take risks with their shoes?
I think that women are more tempted to take risks with their shoes than anything else. You can lose ten pounds, gain ten pounds, but the one thing you'll always love is your shoes.

What are the biggest trends right now?
Right now, platform pumps with jewels. Love it. Man-tailored with studs. Love it. Jazz oxfords with studs and hardware. Love it. It's a very sexy time out there. Everything is geared toward leggings and skinny jeans and sexy dressing.

Do you like getting into stores and meeting average women who buy your shoes?
I don't like it, I love it. I would rather sit and talk to women than watch football, and women would rather sit and talk to me than fight with their husbands who watch football. I love women. I love fashion. Come in and buy a pair of shoes and talk to me.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Queenie, a new design from Sam Edelman, $179

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