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Christian Louboutin knockoff alert

Louboutinbox The other day, I saw a banner ad for Given my animalistic attraction to Christian Louboutin (the shoes, not the man, though I'm sure he's sexy as well), I clicked like a mofo.

I almost needed a pacemaker. Christian Louboutin shoes for $150!!!! Now, loyal readers know I am not one who pays $150 for anything less important than a hospital bill. But seriously, for a pair of the most beautifully constructed shoes in the world which can cost thousands, I would cough up that bank in a hot second.

As I contemplated the credit card, my inner-journalist kicked me in the teeth and said, "IDIOT, you know better." I clicked around some more.

I saw this: Welcome to the louboutinbox Shop - a Nature Shop website offering a comprehensive range of Christian Louboutin shoes. Aside from our highly competitive pricing, we offer Free&Fast shipping worldwide included in all of our prices; a 100% products original packagement. Find out why Christian Louboutin the worlds fastest growing brand and shop with us today.

RED FLAG CITY. What in the name of good gouda is "products original packagemet"? Also, there was a totally shady picture of, like, insects with people's faces photoshopped over boxes of shoes. Nightmares.

I zoomed in on the shoes. As the former owner of several back alley Louis Vuittons, I just had a feeling. These weren't luxury items. These were like a watch spelled "Rolecks." Google confirmed all suspicions. Read here. Or here. Or here.

So beware of fakes, people. Do your research, take your $150 to Payless and leave with an armload of cheapies instead. Don't get swindled by a creepy site with bad grammar.

Your diva in the field,

Deal Diva Stephanie


[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:16pm]


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