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Christmas Eve desperation stop of glory: CVS!!



It's Christmas Eve. RUNNNNNN. You are OUT OF TIME.

Chariots of fire 

Almost. I am going to give you my best kept secret, which is not actually a secret because I tell everyone. I may actually be doing that old lady thing where I tell you guys the same thing over and over and don't realize it, and you're all, "We KNOW you love the Golden Corral, Grandma, STOP." If so, accept my sincerest.  Anywhoozle, here is my non-secret:


They are OPEN, people, today and Christmas Day. CVS saved me once when I was in college and had launched into a panic of inadequacy thinking I didn't have enough gifts. At the last minute in the dark of Christmas Eve, I hauled it to the CVS near campus because they were the only place open. And it was totally great! I got a water purifier, a big candle and some other random stuff which escapes me after all the years (and evident brain damage).

I just received a press release from CVS touting their general openness. It was filled with fun facts including, "CVS/pharmacy is perfect for procrastinators, especially since 75% of the U.S. population lives within three miles of a CVS/pharmacy store." CVS also tells me their store brand batteries are buy one, get one this week. And you can buy e-gift cards on, and when you buy one worth $25, you get a $5 card for yourself. Yippee.

There is hope for everyone. Merry Christmas EVE, Divas and Divos. And to all a good buy.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Chariots of Fire, natch, Times files. That guy is totally not going to make it.

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