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Crazy things we do for fashion...



bikershoe.jpgPainful heels. Tweezing. Spanx. Every diva does strange things in the name of fashion, but some rise above on the embarrassment scales.

My secret shame? I'm the gal at gas stations pumping in mismatched shoes. One is a stylish heel or pump. The other, a dirty flip-flop.

It's my solution to ruining heels by rubbing them against the floormat when accelerating and braking. Since only my right heel is a problem, that's the only one I take off to drive. The switch-a-roo has vastly expanded the lifespan of my shoes.

But people look at me like I'm crazy when I hop out at gas stations or the dry cleaners in mismatched footwear. And it's hard to explain to anyone greeting you at your car door why you need to change one shoe before hopping out.

Do you have a better solution to heel rub? What are the odd things you do to look good?

Deal Diva Letitia

(Photo: Now here's a heel that needs protection if I've ever seen one! From Times files.)

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