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Crocs! Not just for yard work anymore



Some of us here at Deal Divas have been very staunch and vocal about our intense hatred of Crocs shoes, standing up to the angry masses who love them and think we're just a bunch of stuck up snobs who hate comfort and practicality.floridi_crocs05_1603504.jpg

Me, I see both sides of the issue. My boyfriend swears by Crocs and has a pair he's worn so much, he's worn holes in the soles. He hates flip-flops, so these are his flip-flops. That said, I've never worn or wanted a pair.

crocs1.jpegThat is until very recently when Crocs decided to break out of the nubby troll look and release a dainty, pretty line of girly Crocs in hot colors, just in time for sundresses and bathing suits. They don't look at all like Crocs, but are more like '80s jelly shoes with cushion-y soles. I tried the aqua-colored Carlie Flat with a yellow sole (left) and they didn't leave my feet all weekend. True to the Croc-wearer's battle cry, they were quite comfy. And I usually don't like flats. (Believe it or not, flats hurt my feet.)pic12538.gif

They also make a strappy, high platform sandal that strays so far from traditional Crocs, you wonder if the people at Crocs were like, "To hell with Crocs technology! Let's just make whatever kind of shoe we wantpic12904.gif!" And they make a cute rain boot with pull-up holes for easy on and off.

The new Crocs run between $35 and $55 and are typically found at kiosks in malls, or you can order them directly from the Crocs website.


Deal Diva Emily

Photos: Times photographer Cherie Diez, Crocs and my trusty smartphone camera.

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