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Cute, not cold



GapIn Florida, we don't think much about staying warm. For most of the year, we live and breathe warmth.

I moved here with a small collection of coats from living in cooler-climate states and, too heavy to wear on even our coldest days, they have pretty much lived in my closet ever since. I typically braved those days with a bulky sweater jacket, too vain to put on a fleece for work and willing to endure cross-eyed stares from the natives who thought I must be cold and crazy.

Now I'm one of them, sort of. Though I still haven't turned on my heat this fall and sometimes sleep with my windows open when the temps drop low, I decided that it was finally time to buy that in-between jacket.

I went classic with a marked-down, double-breasted peacoat from Gap in white. My color choice could end up being disastrous given my clumsy nature, but so far spot remover got rid of the little red wine specks I managed to splash on myself during happy hour at an outdoor bar. As I scrubbed, I was comforted by the memory of all the compliments I've gotten about my new crisp look.

In these hard times, I'm ranking staying warm right up there with food and shelter. Might as well do it in style.

~ Deal Diva Colleen

(Photos: Double-breasted peacoat from Gap in raspberry ice, on sale for $88. Check around at other stores if you are in the coat market...I've noticed a lot of great sales!)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:12pm]


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