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Deal Divas

Stephanie Hayes, Katie Sanders, Kameel Stanley, & Keyonna Summers

Deal Diva strikes gold. (A true, life changing story.)




Title: The phone call

Setting: Proud Deal Diva has just scored deal of the century. She was working the sales racks so deep that she snagged the last pieces in all sizes larger than XXS. She left behind NOTHING worth purchasing. No one coming after her could possibly make out so well. She is looking at her cell phone, but not because she has a selfless desire to alert others to the sale. She wants to BRAG.

Do-di-da-la-di-do-da (Sound of cell phone dialing.)

DIVA: Hey, so you know that American Living line that Penney's is carrying now? The one designed by Ralph Lauren that has all of these great pieces, but always costs more than anyone really goes to JCPenney to spend.

MOM: Oh, yes. It's as nice as anything Ralph Lauren does for the high-end department stores.

DIVA: I know. You will never believe what I just scored there.

MOM: Uh-oh.

DIVA: I just bought a really nice dress for work, the shirt/sweater dress style with gold buttons on the shoulders, two pairs of slacks -- one white with wide legs and totally in for spring, the other knock-around weekend jeans with these cute hip pockets and flare legs to jazz things up. Did I forget something? Oh, yeah... AND a sporty, fitted navy crew sweater.

(Diva pauses for dramatic affect.) Guess what I spent...

MOM: Well, knowing you, it was a deal. I don't know. $100 total?

DIVA: Try $21.27.

Mom is speechless. Deal Diva's ego is swelling so big she may not be able to wear those white slacks that she went ahead and bought, even though they are one size smaller than she usually wears, because heck, it only cost $5. But she will sleep well tonight knowing that all of her finds will help her to live Happily Ever After.


(Author's note: Names in this story may have been withheld to protect the identity of certain parental units, but the facts described are true. Don't believe it? Read the total on the receipt below and weep.)

Oh, and tell us about your greatest sale score EVER. Every deal diva deserves a chance to brag...

~ Deal Diva Letitia


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