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Deal Divas product test: Edgestick Pressing Comb



This is a post for my extra-curly, wavy, happy-to-be-nappy girls out there ... if you fall into any of these categories then you may know the sisterhood bond that is the hot comb.

Our bond is steeped in history ... Saturday evenings preparing for church we'd sit in the kitchen on a stool between grandma's legs, while she slid those hot teeth through our kinky edges. Oh the memories, or, er, the horrors.

So when this little gadget came across my desk I was intrigued and a tad frightened. Was Granny lurking somewhere behind the bushes with her can of pressing oil?


It's called the Edgestick Pressing Comb and it supposedly has the same straightening prowess as the old school hot combs, just without the scary sizzle that still causes me to grab my ear and wince when I think about it. It also looks a lot cooler too.

The traditional hot comb is a French invention, but the Edgestick is out of Taiwan -- home to some of the most fabulous bone-straight hair on the planet.

My hair is chemically relaxed these days so I called in the guru of pressed hair, my friend and stylist Patrina Miller, below, of 9Stone Natural Hair Care Studio in St. Petersburg.


Miller, whose hair is 100% chemical free, is known for her ability to take the curliest of curly hair bone straight in a matter of minutes. Her tools: a ceramic flat iron and a good hand technique. After testing it out for a while here's what she had to say:

1.) What Pretty Teeth you have. Most ceramic irons are simply flat plates, but the Edgestick has a comb on it which makes pulling through hair easy.

2.) Fire it up baby. While the Edgestick may work for wavy or loosely curly hair, it wasn't a good solution for people with a tight curl. It doesn't get hot enough -- even at its highest setting -- to truly straighten that hair.

3.) Rain on me. We live in Florida. And it's truly a gift if you can keep your hair straight for 24 hours with all the humidity in the air. After using the Edgestick, Miller said hair poofed back up within a day. Her pressing jobs usually last about a week.

In short, the Edgestick isn't a horrible product, but if you are of the serious curl or kink set, it's probably not the best option for your straightening needs. But if your hair is loosely curled or mostly straight it's a good touch up option.

Interested? You can find the Edgestick Pressing Comb online here.

Deal Diva Nicole

[Photos courtesy Suntek Global and Patrina Miller]



[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:19pm]


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