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Deal Divas take in Sex and the City 2, try to blend in at Saks...

I meant to post this Friday, but I accidentally got stuck in the salon for FIVE HOURS. In other news, my hair looks great. In other-other news, don't bleach your hair at home, kids.

Anyway, Deal Diva Colleen and I took in a screening of Sex and the City 2 Thursday at Westshore Plaza. Before the movie, we enjoyed the swank party at Saks Fifth Avenue. Deal Diva Dalia was in the house, too, but left early to go volunteer with the Girl Scouts. Colleen and I, less altruistic, chose martinis. So did a lot of other people. Exhibit A, the Saks bathroom:

Saks bathroom 

Saks was crawling with gorgeous women in the most amazing shoes and clothes. We're talking six-inch glitter Christian Louboutin stilettos, Chanel bags, a variety of shiny formal shorts that exposed effortlessly tanned legs. We even saw one former elected official in a Kentucky Derby-style hat. Very Carrie. We tried our best to mesh with the fashionable, as recorded here by our historian, the nice boy slinging free snow pea stir fry from P.F. Changs.

Saks outfits 

She's so tall. I hate her. How'd we do?

After browsing the store (there's a whole section dedicated to FUR and ONLY FUR), we found ourselves most at home near the macaroni and cheese cart and the clearance shoe rack.

Saks shoes 

We headed to the theater in a high-heel parade. The people eating fries in the food court must have thought they took a wrong turn into Crazytown. When we got there, all I could think about was Diet Coke and popcorn. Colleen assured me it was OK, that this was a movie after all. I ponied up my life savings for the snacks, and ended up bonding with a chic woman in a black mini dress as we dumped disgusting yellow grease onto our popcorn. Sisterhood always emerges in junk food.


The movie? It was... it was... Oh, I can't lie. It was terrible. I can't describe how terrible it was. Maybe you disagree, but I just feel like these beloved characters have become sad parodies of themselves. I also feel like the creators probably said something like, "We want CAMELS and we want jokes about their TOES, if you know what we MEAN, and we want TURBANS and we want AIDAN, and we don't care WHAT IT TAKES."


But from the looks on faces in the theater, no one cared about that. They were having fun with girlfriends, smiles from here to Abu Dhabi. And we had fun, too. That always gets two thumbs up.

Deal Diva Stephanie

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