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Diet Coke unveils a fancy T-shirt design for the hopeless drinkers



I'm not going to pretend I've never told you about my twitching withdrawal problem with Diet Coke. I talk about it ALL THE TIME, and I'm sure it's boring by now. I didn't realize, though, that it might actually be a journalism problem and not just a crazy person problem. Several people alerted me to this Atlantic Wire story last week during the RNC, featuring a Tweet from our very own Times friend Darla Cameron. Read it, but the basic point is that reporters will be studied for science one day, bodies preserved fully in the sweet nectar that is Diet Coke.

At least we'll have something to wear before then. Diet Coke recently held a Young Designer Challenge to coincide with the can's updated packaging. Design students submitted entries for a snazzy Diet Coke shirt to be sold at Target. The winner was Gustavo Alonso from Miami International University of Art & Design, who took away at $10,000 scholarship. Go Florida! Now, unless I am totally dense and it is staring right back at me, I am having a hard time finding the item for sale on Target's site, or even finding a price. I'm going to keep checking and asking around and will let you know. Here's the top, allegedly on sale in Target stores now:


Here's how Gustavo describes his top:

"The inspiration for this design was based on this mysterious femme fatale, who is thirsty for experience. This extraordinary woman is vibrant, light and bubbly, much like a Diet Coke. I believe that every woman has a mysterious, adventurous side that longs to be free."

Well. OK. Mostly I long not to get a caffeine headache, but I like where he's coming from. I think this is cute and I would wear it to show love for brand that gets me through the day via gallons and gallons of brown fizzy magic juice. In fact, it would be an addition to an already growing collection. Here I am on a camping trip with Deal Diva Katie and friends last year out in Ocala. We have a lot in common, but...


It almost came to blows.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Diet Coke, my album (and yes, that is a coonskin cap, on theme!)

UPDATE: Based on a hot tip from reader alleycatfl in the comments, I called Target and confirmed you can get the shirt free if you buy three packs of Coke products. Otherwise, the clerk said, it's $9.99. Thanks, readers!

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