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Do any of us really need anymore STUFF?



Wild There's a first for everything and boy did I have one the other day.

In thinking about what I'd coerce, cajole, convince my husband to buy for me this Christmas, (i kid. i kid) I realized something: I don't need, nor do I really and truly want any-THING.

And that's big coming from a Deal Diva...

Sure, if I thought long and hard about it I suppose I could come up with something like this. But fat chance that's ever going to happen in a.) in this economy and b.) my somewhat frugal hubby's world.

Blame it on the economy.

I've stopped looking at my investments and erased the web address for my 401K from my bookmarks. Forget Folgers. The best part of waking up on Sunday morning for me: clipping coupons. I'm in frugal mode, on the real.

So to ask my hubby to dish out the Benjamins for some purse or bracelet or other trinket just because it's Dec. 25th doesn't appeal to the Reality Diva in me.

But not so fast. A girl's gotta have something to remember the holidays by.

Enter: Xperience Days, a website serving up gift cards for cool outings, dining experiences and all sorts of excursions.

For $82 you can get a St. Petersburg lunch cruise for two on the Starlite Princess. For $229 you can get a hot air balloon ride over the Skyway Bridge and the Gulf of Mexico ending the evening with a champagne toast.

These prices aren't bad, considering you'd probably spend this much on your sweetie this Christmas, when you factor in gas, gift wrapping and a card (not to mention the mental and physical anguish of tracking down the perfect gift.)

I say go with an experience instead!

It's also a great idea to consider when shopping for others. Got a grandma in Baltimore? Give her this clay class for two through another experience gift card site: Dad in Dallas? Give him a thrilling ride in a Corvette... it's only $90 bucks and you don't have to worry about whether the box you sent him in the mail is going to get crushed or not.

There are other gift card sites out there, but these two seemed pretty reputable and had a nice selection of experiences in several parts of the country at a wide variety of prices.

To be clear, this isn't for the person who decides they don't need to spend any money this Holiday season. This is for the person who decides, "Hey, if I'm going to spend some money this year, it's going to be on something more than an item that makes my loved one look pretty or that they can stare at for hours on end (yes, you HDTV, flat screen wanting men, I'm talking to you)...but that makes them forget about our troubled economy and crazy world for a few hours and focus on living.

~ Deal Diva Nicole

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