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Do you have the world's ugliest engagement ring?



I have this recurring dream in which I am presented with a hideous engagement ring and don't know what to say. In one dream, the ring had dolphin-shaped cutouts. In another, it was a man's pinky ring with a black stone. In yet another, it was fiber-optic, like those wands they sell at Epcot. I don't have the time or money to see a psychologist about this. All I know is, I usually wake up in cold sweats.

It's pretty preposterous. But what do you do if it actually happens?, a family-owned, fifth-generation jewelry business, has an entertaining gimmick going. They're giving away a new Tacori engagement ring setting valued up to $5,000 to the person with the ugliest bauble. So far, 16 ladies have uploaded shots of their rings with a few words of misery. Some are truly strange looking. Others aren't bad at all, including a HUGE sparkling number that's causing commenters to emerge and call the owner ungrateful.

Most are pretty hilarious. Some excerpts (typos and all):

"Ugh! This ring is hideous and huge. It's 'huge', gets stuck on everything. And it lost it's shine. The 'diamonds' aren't even real. What a cheap piece of shi*. Thank GOD I never married him." (Footnote - we're not sure why she needs this prize if she didn't marry the guy.)


"okay...on a budget you get a ring from Avon..which i wasnt suppose to know but its inside the ring..duh!..golly he'd be upset right now knowing i'm doing this..."


"What's missing here? An ENGAGEMENT RING! There wasn't one when we were married nearly 20 years ago, there isn't one now, and there aren't any signs that one is coming."


I get why these gals might want to trade up (see night sweats above), but I can also see the point in keeping your love token no matter what. It's really about the whole shebang, isn't it? My mom got her (lovely, mind you) ring more than 40 years ago.  My dad attached it to a stick of gum in the box. When he offered her a piece of gum, she said, "No thanks." That's a pretty awesome engagement moment I'd want to hang on to, ring and all.

The other nine fingers, though? Fair game, gents.

See the rest of the entries here, and enter through Aug. 1 if you dare. Let us know if you do and we'll cheer you on.

Deal Diva Stephanie


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